Dermarollers For Stretch Marks

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Posted on 24th April 2009 by admin

Buying a dermaroller for stretch marks is far simpler than buying for delicate areas. Skin generally is thicker when stretch marks appear and is therefore less sensitive and can tolerate longer needle lengths much more comfortably. We recommend using either a 1.0mm or a 1.5mm.

If you are unsure which needle length to choose, you can contact us for help at any time. Our advice is that it is easier to apply more pressure with a short needle length than vice versa. However, most peoples stretch marks will see an improvement no matter what needle length you choose.

Treating Stretch Marks – Key Points

  • Reduces the appearance of Stretch Marks anywhere on the body
  • It is recommended that you apply a vitamin enriched moisturiser (or similar) after each use.
  • By rolling just 5 days a week, you will see a noticeable difference within a month
  • Works in harmony with your bodies own natural defences

Available Brands and Offers

We are always increasing the range of dermarollers we have on offer. By following the links below, you can see all the models we have, see the offers we have on multi packs and also see the prices in a currency of your choice.

When choosing a dermaroller for stretch marks, it is less neccessery to buy expensive brands. Because stretch marks removal is generally carried out on fleshy areas, it is less neccessery to choose the models with narrow needles.


Worldwide delivery is included as standard. All orders receive are sent registered/recorded delivery free of charge. We ship as soon as possible after receiving your order. We can cater for any delivery requests you may have. Please contact us if there is anything we can help you with.

How to Order

We are pleased to give all dermaroller planet customers the improved services of Ultramod Here you will be able to compare the brands on offer, see the prices in your local currency and purchase dermarollers using paypal.

Dermaroller Planet is part of the Ultramod Group. This means that all shipping, guarantees, service and support is all at the same high standard. Follow the link below and choose your dermaroller – the link will take you to the Dermaroller Planet page on



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