The Treatment of Skin Wrinkles


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Wrinkles for some, signify wisdom – for others they’re an indication it’s time to get out the bath! For the majority however, a wrinkle is outward sign of the aging process. This includes the effects of sun damage, smoking, poor hydration as well as a whole host of other factors.

Areas where Wrinkles occur.

The most common and noticeable place for these signs of aging is face wrinkles. This is the area most individuals have on display – an area where the majority of our communication is directed to and from. The constant changes in expressions can cause wrinkles around the mouth to form as well as eye wrinkles and forehead wrinkles.

Furthermore wrinkles on the face are partly due to the increased sun exposure of this part of the body. This is a significant cause of the skins early aging not to mention the harsh effects suffered by smokers, whose mouth wrinkles in particular are exaggerated by the aging free radicals found within cigarette smoke.

Causes of Wrinkle

These are just a few of the casuse of Wrinkles:

  • Age – this is the number one reason why fine lines and wrinkles occur
  • Genetics – There are some who are unfortunately, simply more likely to develop wrinkles
  • Sun exposure – Keeping out of the sun, or protecting your skin from the sun is a sure-fire way to reduce wrinkle formation
  • Poor Hydration – Your skin is a living organ and letting your skin dry out does not help you skin stay firm and supple
  • Smoking – Smoking contains nasty chemicals which age the skin prematurely. Just being in a smoky environment is enough for suffer from enhanced wrinkle development

Wrinkle Types

Wrinkles fall into one of two categories – Deep wrinkles and furrows which are likely to occur as neck wrinkles for example: Also fine lines and wrinkles found around the eyes and mouth.

Wrinkle Treatments are generally more successful on finer lines. For very deep wrinkles, more aggressive techniques are generally required. For more information on the suitability on treatments, feel free to contact our registered nurse Roanna Freestone who would be happy to answer your questions. See her dedicated page for more details.

Dermaroller Wrinkle Treatment

Most of us do develop some degree of wrinkle formation, particularly on the face. The derma roller treatment for this acts as a very effective wrinkle cure. The Dermaroller acts in two ways. Firstly, as with all Dermaroller treatments, the resultant collagen production from the skin needling, firms up skin. This affects wrinkles by tightening the skin in these delicate areas, reducing the appearance of fine lines.

Secondly, by opening micro channels in the top layer of skin, moisturisers and other creams penetrate far more effectively. By enhancing the delivery of nutrients and moister into the skin, it combats some of the more destructive causes of early aging such as poor hydration and vitamin depletion.

Effective Wrinkle Removal

On its own, or as a combination with a moisturiser, using a Dermaroller for wrinkle treatment will produce excellent results. Of course it will also help to do simple things such as keeping out of the sun and drink lots of water, unfortunately however, once wrinkles have appeared, doing these preventative things will not help in getting rid of wrinkles.

The Best Dermaroller For A Wrinkle Free Face.

As with all treatments, Dermaroller planet tries to best advise on what Dermaroller to buy. By following our recommendations for wrinkles, you will see the range of derma rollers we have appropriate for treatments. We also include our 3-line roller in this range, as it is fantastic for awkward areas. If you want to see what other areas the Dermaroller can help with, please see our Dermaroller treatments page.


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