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Posted on 24th April 2009 by admin

Getting rid of stretch marks is one of the most popular reasons for buying a dermaroller. Thousand of people have already achieved fantastic results just by using a dermaroller gently as part of their daily beauty regime. It takes less than a minute a day and results should show within 2-4 weeks.

Stretch Marks are caused by tears in the skins surface during periods of quick growth. The skin underneath the stretchmark lacks sufficient collagen. By boosting these levels, the dermaroller successfully helps remove your stretch marks to get your skin looking great again. All this can be done from home, quickly and inexpensively.

How to Use a Dermaroller on Stretch Marks

Roll your dermaroller for a few moments each day over your stretch marks. Use the device five days a week, resting your skin over the weekend (or a similar schedule to suit you). After rolling, moisturise the area to provide optimum healing conditions. You should be using a 1.0 – 1.5 mm dermaroller for this, depending on the location of the stretchmark. (The fleshier the skin, the longer the needle length.) The process is simple, quick and effective – you too could easily get rid of your stretch marks for good within a month of first using a derma roller.


How Dermarollers Work On Stretch Marks

The thinned Dermis layer, in which the stretchmarks occur, is pricked by the needles of the dermaroller. These create minute trauma to the top few layers of skin. As with any trauma, the skin begins to heals itself by producing collagen. If you have ever cut yourself, the gap in the skin has been repaired from the production of collagen fibres – it is a naturally process and is part of our amazing ability to heal ourselves.

Because the epidermis and dermis layers do in fact remain intact throughout the skin needling process, the collagen produced in response to the dermaroller, simply aids the thickening of the dermis layer of skin. By increasing this thickness, the stretch marks firstly fade away, and eventually, disappear altogether.

How Effective is the Stretch Mark Removal

Whilst everyone will see excellent improvements in the appearance of stretch marks, the speed of results will differ from one individual to the next. The time it takes to see improvements can be based on how often you use your dermaroller, your choice of needle length as well as your general responsiveness to the treatment itself. However, you should expect to see a noticeable difference within a couple of weeks of first use.


Stretch Marks first appear reduced after 2-4 weeks of use. Improvements will continue to show thereafter.

How To Order Your Dermaroller

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