Skin Needling Using Microneedles

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Skin Needling, commonly referred to as microneedling, is a simple process which  is growing in popularity. By  rolling the microneedles across the skins surface, the stimulation of collagen and elastin fibres helps transform the skin, making it look younger as well as removing the appearance of fine lines, stretch marks and other skin related blemishes.

Skin Needling

Micro Needles can be as short as 0.15mm

Does Microneedling Work?

Quite simply, yes! By stimulating the skins ability to regenerate, micro needling is transforming the beauty regimes of  both men and women: To  learn more about how the process works, see our How Dermarollers Work page for a greater understanding.

What is a Micro Needle

A micro needle is simply a fancy name for the small needles which are found on the “business end” of a dermaroller. Micro Needles range in size, typically between 0.25mm  up to 2.5mm. However, when using dermarollers at home, it is generally accepted that it is not suitable to use any needle length over 1.5mm.

Microneedles are usually made from medical grade stainless steel. There are however a few models which use a titanium alloy compound designed to increase the strength and durability of the dermaroller.

Skin Needling using a Dermaroller

Dr Roller Needles range from 0.25mm 2.5mm

Where is the Best Place to Buy Dermarollers

Whilst it is possible to purchase dermarollers from this website, perhaps the best place to buy a dermaroller is from a dedicated dermaroller supermarket, where you can pick from a range of models, comparing the features and prices of each. By following the following link, you can buy dermarollers in your own currency from the webs original (and only) dermaroller supermarket.

Find Out More About Skin Needling

There is plenty of information regarding how dermarollers and skin needling works throughout this site. You may wish to learn more about dermaroller treatments or perhaps see more information on the dermaroller brands page.

You can contact the team at any time regarding any questions you may have on skin needling and micro needling. We are happy to help and have dedicated customer support to assist with any questions you may have.


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