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Scars can be drastically reduced using the Dermaroller without fuss or discomfort. Regardless of the size, age or location of the scar, there is a Dermaroller treatment ideal for improving  its look and feel . Using a dermaroller on scars does not involve harsh abrasives, complicated treatments or surgery. It simply encourages healthy skin growth under and around the location of the scar to reduce it’s appearance.

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Scars occur whenever the skins surface is torn or cut. After the immediate blood clotting and potential scabbing, the skin binds itself together by producing collagen and elastin fibres: These knit the skin back together. In the cases where scarring occurs, it is because this  collagen production process has stopped before the skin has returned to looking like it’s pre-trauma state. Because the wound is effectively healed, our bodies have no reason to continue the collagen formation process.

How To Use Your Dermaroller

Use your dermaroller every day, rolling it over the scar before applying a moisturising crème or  lotion.  By simply rolling it back and forth a few times over the affected area, you will stimulate the healing process to improve the skins texture under and around the scar  By applying  a vitamin enriched moisturiser or specialist cream afterwards, you are giving your skin the very best conditions for drastic scar reduction. Your skin will naturally do the rest as it begins to gradually transform itself to a thicker and plumper surface in which the scars appearance will be permanently  reduced.


How the Dermaroller Works on Scars

Scars remain because of the reduced collagen levels in the skin. Because the Dermaroller imitates the effects of trauma to the skins upper layers, it begins the localised healing process in the same way that it did when the injury was sustained. Effectively, using a dermaroller on scars extends the healing time frame past the point of first repair until an improved cosmetic finish is achieved.

In addition to collagen stimulation, the dermaroller also create micro channels into the skin which allow topically applied products to penetrate the surface more effectively. This means that vitamins found within the creams and lotions can penetrate the skin much more easily. This creates a massive boost in their effectiveness which is just one of the reasons why so many people are turning to Derma Rollers as a compliment to their existing beauty regime and not just for treating scars.

How Effective is the Scar Treatment

If used every day (5 days a week) you will begin to see noticeable differences within 2-4 weeks. The deeper the scar, the more stubborn it will be. Complete removal of scars is unlikely in most cases but any scar will benefit considerably, leaving you with a vastly improved appearance. Minor scars can often disappear entirely.

Important Scar Treatment Info

It is vital that you only use your Dermaroller on specific scar types. The picture below shows an Atrophic Scar which is suitable for a Dermaroller scar treatment. Raised scars, Keloid Scars and Hypertrophic scars should not be treated using skin needling. Whilst the vast majority of scars are indeed safe for reduction, if you are unsure, please contact us before placing your order. Our in-house nurse will evaluate your case individually.

Atrophic Scar for Dermaroller Scar ReductionMost scars are atrophic and perfect for Demaroller treatments.

How to Order Your Dermaroller

Simply click on the link below which will take you to the shopping area specifically for scar  reduction. Orders are usually sent on the same day of ordering and every order is sent recorded delivery so it is guaranteed to reach you. We ship worldwide to all destinations and all your details are kept 100%  secure.

Dermarollers for reducing the appearance of scars

If you need help choosing which needle length to get, you can take advantage of our free needle advice service. Just choose this option when placing your order. If you have any problems or questions when ordering, you can contact us at any time for help and assistance.

More Information on Scars and Scar Reduction

If you want to learn in more detail how the scar treatment works, then please follow the hyperlinks or choose the option from the left hand menu. You can also find out more on how a dermaroller works by following the links or by contacting us at We look forward to helping you as well as hearing about your success in removing your scars.


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