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Scars last as a long term reminder that our body, at some point, has been cut, grazed or wounded in some form or another. This may be on a very small scale such as a grazed knee from falling off a bike to more serious events in life such as undergoing surgery – scars from which can be particularly noticeable. Whatever their cause, the scarring process is a vital part a wonderful self healing process that we all go through.

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Scar Formation

Scars are areas of skin tissue which have been patched up after the wound has healed. The scar tissue is not identical to that of normal skin. It often has a different colour to skin around it, they feel different and even very feint scars do not possess hair follicles or sweat glands.

When mending the damage to itself, the body forms collagen fibres which are the building blocks of all skin. After the initial blood clotting and any scab formation, this freshly formed collagen plugs the gap in the skins surface to prevent infection and foreign bodies entering past the outer layer.

However, once fixed, the skin does not continue to produce collagen to the same quantity that existed before the trauma. By stopping short, the skin is left thinner, resulting in the look and feel of scars being so different to normal skin. Our body is not designed to make itself look good, it is solely concerned with healing and protection.

Treat your scar with a dermarollerTypes of Scar

Whilst the majority of scars are formed perfectly normally, some scars develop irregular characteristics. Hypertrophic and Keloid scars are the result of over production of collagen. Keloid scars in particular are more prevalent in darker skin although anyone may suffer from them.

Using a Dermaroller on these types of scars is NOT recommended. As the Dermaroller promotes collagen formation, the fact that these particular scar types are the result of an over production of collagen, it is clear to see why this method of scar removal is not appropriate.

Fortunately though, the vast majority of scar tissue is regular in its formation and can be treated using the Dermaroller. If you are unsure, please contact us and our dedicated registered nurse will help determine the scars suitability for treatment.

Scar Removal and Treatment For Scars

The scar removal method provided by the skin needling process, continues the natural healing which was used to fix the open wound in the first instance. The thinner areas of skin where the scar is located, is thickened by the process of derma rolling. This in turn makes the appearance of scars far reduced. The Dermaroller however, will not be able to repair and replace any hair follicles and sweat glands which may have been injured at the time.dr-roller-with-blury-handle.png

The tiny micro needles create a minute trauma to the dermis and epidermis layers. In response, the skin acts to repair itself as it would any with any trauma. This means producing the collagen to fix any gaps in the skins surface. The secret behind the success is, this newly formed collagen which simply gets added to that which already exists. This results in a completely natural scar reduction process.

Scars and Dermarollers

After a few Dermaroller sessions to get rid of scars, you should notice the discolouration fading and the actual surface of the scar thickening. This occurs as the skin tissue of the scars, begins to match more closely, that which surrounds it.

All scars will benefit to some degree from this scar treatment although some may not disappear entirely. Consult with other customers of Dermaroller Planet to see how much success they have achieved in reducing scars.

Recommended Dermaroller

Which Needle Length Should Be Used On Scars

Depending on the location of the scar, different needle lengths should be used. As always, we try to make it easy for you to get the right needle length for your needs. In simple terms, the fleshier the scar treatment area, the longer the needle length required. We do not recommend use of needle lengths of 2mm or greater for un-experienced users.

For any face scar, we would recommend any Dermaroller from this range of skin needling devices. Most other scar treatments should be tackled with the recommended dermaroller needles – these include chicken pox scars, surgery scars, burn scars and breast surgery scars.

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