What Are Dermarollers Used For

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Posted on 23rd June 2009 by admin

Dermarollers have two major benefits when they are being used. Firstly, they stimulate the formation of collagen in the skin and secondly, they boost the transdermal absorption of topically applied products. (In simple terms they allow skin creams etc to be absorbed more readily.)

These two benefits give rise to several important treatments which utilise one or both of these essential properties. We will explain how the Dermaroller works later but for now, the treatments which take full advantage of the collagen stimulation are:


Other Dermaroller Treatments

The second set of treatments are based wholly on the fact that the Dermaroller boosts the effectiveness of creams, gels and lotions applied to the skin. By boosting products in this way, Dermarollers users see a significant increase in the effects of :

  • Cellulite Reduction
  • Hair Loss Treatments

These dermaroller treatments rely on the third party products having the active ingredients necessary to work. Using a dermaroller in isolation will not be enough in these cases. Make sure you are using a product which you know and trust works.

Learn More About Dermarollers

We recommend that you visit the How Dermarollers Work Page to understand the science behind how these fantastic dermaroller treatments work. You may wish however to learn the essentials which you should know before choosing which dermaroller to buy or you may wish to go straight to the Dermaroller Planet Info page for those who already understand the basics of dermarollers and want to learn more about what Dermaroller Planet offers its customers.

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