What Are Dermarollers

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Dermarollers are the main tool used in the process of Micro-Needling.  This process can also be referred to as Skin Needling or Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT).

The image below shows a typical dermaroller which are a similar size to an everyday toothbrush. They are generally made from a toughened plastic and are made up three main component parts: A handle, the roller and the micro-needles. The needles themselves are made from either a medical grade stainless steel or a titanium alloy compound.


Dermaroller Needles

The most important part of any Dermaroller are the needles. These are the component part which actually produce the astounding benefits associated with using a dermaroller. They come in lengths ranging between 0.15mm and 2.5mm. However it is very rare to use anything longer than 1.5mm for any home treatment.

The other important factor when choosing a dermaroller is the width of these needles.  Generally, the more expensive the make and model of the derma roller, the narrower the needles are going to be. Narrower needles penetrate the skin more accurately reducing the chance of any discomfort being felt when using the device. The strength of the needles as well as the overall shape and design of the dermaroller also contributes to the price.

How Common Is Dermaroller Use

Across Europe and North and South America, Dermarollers are only just gaining popularity. They are a common beauty treatment across much of Asia where they have been used for many years. They are loosely based on traditional acupuncture techniques found across the region however after combining these principles with modern manufacturing processes, dermarollers have developed into a fantastic solution for many common skin related issues.

Learn More About Dermarollers

To continue understanding what dermarollers are and do, we recommend visiting the What A Dermaroller Does Page which will explain what dermarollers can be used for. However you may wish to find out straight away how they work or what you essentials you need to know before buying your dermaroller. Alternatively you may wish to go straight to the home page for those who understand and feel comfortable with Dermarollers and wish to see why Dermaroller Planet is the webs best Micro-Needling supermarket.

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