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Posted on 23rd June 2009 by admin

We are asked many questions by customers and visitors to Dermaroller Planet. The following information is intended to help guide you on what is important when choosing a dermaroller and what you should take into account when making your decision to buy.

Which Dermaroller Needle Lengths to Buy

This is the single most important question when choosing a dermaroller. Remember we do offer free needle advice with each Dermaroller purchase which we recommend when buying from us. Simply choose the relevant option when adding your choice of model to the shopping cart.

There is a myth that the longer the needles the better and quicker the results will be: This is simply not true. You should always choose the correct needle length dependant on what it is your trying to treat and more importantly, where on the body you are applying the dermaroller. If you choose a needle length which is too long, you will suffer discomfort when using it and soon stop the treatment process because it hurts.

Other Vital Needle Information

Cheaper Dermaroller will have needles which are wider than more expensive models. This fact is often overlooked when choosing which dermaroller to buy the finer the needle, the more accurate and less uncomfortable the skin needling process is.

Taking this into account is essential, particularly when considering using a dermaroller on the face or other sensitive areas. When using the device on fleshier areas, (for stretch marks removal for example) you may feel comfortable choosing a less expensive model as the sensitivity of these parts of the body are far reduced.

Again, if in doubt contact us at any time and we will give you no-nonsense advice on which dermaroller model is most suitable for your needs.

What Support and Guarantees Are There

We appreciate that as buying on-line involves placing faith and trust into the organisation you are buying from. With this in mind we have developed several areas to ensure that in purchasing from Dermaroller Planet, your money is both protected and well spent.

We guarantee that you will see an improvement in you skin, no matter what it is you are trying to treat. If you don’t achieve success, we offer a full money back guarantee. It is as simple as that.

We guarantee delivery of your product, worldwide and free of charge no matter what product you are buying. As soon as you have purchased from us, we will keep you updated as to when your products have been dispatched and we are able to track your order right up to the point of delivery.

We have medical professionals on hand to give you the best advice possible on using your dermaroller. We have individuals who have been in the industry for over ten years who give us the benefit of their experience and we have customer service representatives who will answer any of your question or concerns, quickly and impartially.

We provide you with unparalleled methods of contacting us, (including 24/7 telephone support) and we give links to our facebook pages so that you can see who you are dealing with. (Not all team members have access to this)

No other company offers all of the above and no where else will you receive the level of support we are dedicated to giving. If you have visited the site and choose not buy from us, then please let us know why. We will do whatever we can to help you feel confident in choosing us time and again for all your dermaroller needs.

Help in Getting Results

In our experience, everybody uses their dermaroller as part of a treatment regime which is unique to themselves. Whilst we give recommended best practices, once comfortable with using the device, people do tend to develop their own techniques. We are on hand after you purchase to help and give advice, no matter where you are in the world and no matter what product you have bought. Our company is built around customer service and we are committed to keeping all our customers informed, happy and achieving great success with their purchase.

We have medical professionals to give the best advice possible on using your dermaroller. We have individuals who have been in the industry for over ten years who are able to offer you support and we have customer service representatives who will answer any of your question or concerns, quickly and impartially.

Does Using a Dermaroller Hurt

If done correctly, with the right needle lengths and appropriate pressure, dermarolling does not hurt. Check with us before you buy to make sure you getting the best model and needle length for your needs. This way you can be sure your making the absolute best purchase decisions possible.

Buy a Dermaroller / More Info

The best place to browse and purchase your dermaroller is via our sister site, Dermaroller Planet is part of the Ultramod Group. You can of course purchase a selection of our dermarollers directly from this site.

If you want to learn more about dermarollers or what it is we do, please visit the FAQ page – if you wish to know anything more, you can use the form at the bottom of the FAQ page to ask anything you wish – we aim to answer all queries as soon as possible.



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  1. frank ramos says:

    i baught a 2.5mm dermaroller i have ice pick acne scars on my face i wanted to no if i can use the 2.5mm roller daily or if i have to get a smaller one can you use the 2.5 for daily usage

    23rd June 2009 at 10:37 pm

  2. admin says:


    I’ll just start by confirming that you didn’t buy that roller from us! We very rarely allow any customers to buy anything more than a 1.5mm and those that do, we always consult with them before sending any rollers out. You might be OK but I really don’t think that using a 2.5mm roller every day on your face is a good approach.

    You really should consider going back to wherever you bought that roller and asking for their advice – I presume they sold you such a long needle length for a reason and perhaps they have a specific routine that they have suggested you follow. We have our own Nurse who overseas this as part of our team.

    I would strongly suggest you consider getting a much shorter needle length if you are wanting to roll every day. If you have been prepared to use a 2.5mm (ouch!) then consider dropping right back to a 1.0mm. You might want to combine treatment types to use say your existing 2.5mm once every 4-6 weeks with light rolling from a 0.5mm in-between. Again though, this is a slightly awkward case as you’ve probably bought the wrong needle length to start with.

    Good luck Frank

    23rd June 2009 at 2:18 am

  3. farah says:

    Could you please tell me how long a dermaroller will last,do the needles become blunt from repeated use,I am talking about use at home.

    23rd June 2009 at 11:57 am

  4. admin says:

    Hello Farah.

    A dermaroller lasts for approximately 3 months. If it is carefully looked after, it could last for longer. The needles should not become blunt before this period. For any more information on dermarollers, please visit:

    Thank you Farah

    Kind Regards

    Roanna Freestone

    (Registered Nurse and Beauty Therapist)

    23rd June 2009 at 1:44 am

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