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Posted on 23rd June 2009 by admin

If you have never come across Dermarollers or Micro-Needling before, it may appear to be confusing or even too good to be true. This page is intended to direct you to the areas which will allow you to learn what Dermarollers do, how they work and what they can be used for. We will also explain to you what you need to be aware of before buying.

Derma Roller

If you follow all of these pages, you should develop a good understanding of how they work and whether or not they will benefit you. If you still are not sure, we have dedicated customer service people on-line to help you with any questions you have. Just email us at for no nonsense advice and support.

The following pages are an ideal place for those who are new to Dermarollers to start. If you already understand the basics and want information on prices, dermaroller models available and other important information, please go to the page dedicated to experienced derma roller users.

What are DermarollersWhat Dermarollers DoHow Dermarollers Work

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