MTS Microneedle Therapy System

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Posted on 12th May 2011 by admin

MT Dermaroller

MT Roller

MT Rollers have been popular with Dermaroller Planet users since they were first introduced. There is a large range of needle lengths and it is also available in the narrower 3-line option. The needles are of high quality and it is an ideal choice for all treatment types, especially fine lines and wrinkles.

MT Dermaroller Treaments

Because this model has good quality needles in a wide range of lengths, the MT roller can be used for many treatments. As the 3-line version is also available, it is also a good choice for people looking to for accurate rolling or rolling around the nose.

0.25 mm

  • better penetration of skin care products
  • sensitive skin

0.5 mm

1.0 mm

1.5 mm

  • deep scars (burn, surgery, acne scars etc) fade and reduction
  • pitted skin and open pores reduction

Buying the Microneedle Therapy System Roller

This roller, along with all the rollers on Dermaroller Planet, is available to buy from our partner site at Ultramod Shop. Just follow the MT Dermaroller link to be taken straight into the store. All orders are dispatched worldwide within 24 hours of ordering. If you need help or assistance in choosing either brands or needle lengths, please get in touch at any time.


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