Get Rid Of Stretch Marks

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Stretch marks or striae, as they are technically referred to, are a mild type of scar which affect the middle (dermis) layer of skin. They are in fact a tear in the skin where the stretching of tissue has resulted in the skin fibres becoming detached from one another. It is mainly the middle dermis layer of skin in which the damage has occurred. They affect the majority of the adult population, although females are more susceptible to them as they also suffer from stretch marks on the breasts and from pregnancy.

Stretch Marks

There is no medical risk associated with having a stretch mark although there appearance does concern many individuals who suffer from them. The emotional strain of having to deal with them can often be significant particularly in warmer months when the amount of skin on show tends to increase.

Appearance of Striae

Stretch Marks first appear as a reddish purple lines in the skin. Over time, this colour fades to become a silvery white colour. They can appear anywhere on the body, but tend to be concentrated on fleshy parts, notably the stomach, thighs, lower back and breasts. Many are very fortunate and only have very feint stretch marks visible. However, others do suffer from particularity pronounced stretchmarks, and as a result, they can make people feel very self conscious. At this point, stretch mark removal becomes very important.

Remember that if you have any unanswered questions, to visit the FAQ page to see if the information is there. If not ask us directly and we will do our very best to help.

Get Rid of stretch Marks

What Causes Stretch Marks

In technical terms, it is the failure of the bodies fibroblast to produce enough collagen and elastin fibres to keep growing skin firm and taut. This in turn creates pockets of skin without the necessary supportive structure underneath. This results in a tear within the dermis layer of skin.pregnancy-stretch-marks

In simpler terms, it is your skins inability to keep up with the speed of growth of other areas of the body. For example, during puberty, a persons muscles and bones are growing particularly fast. In many cases, the skin cannot keep up and stretch marks occur.

Pregnancy stretch marks are common place – so much so that they are in fact the a normal part of the pregnancy. Again, this is due to rapid expansion as the baby grows and develops. In fact, any period of rapid weight gain can result in striae occurring which is the reason body builders are also often afflicted.

Dermarollers For Stretch Marks

The thinned Dermis layer, which result in stretchmarks, is pricked by the needles of the dermaroller. These create minute trauma to the top few layers of skin. As with any trauma, the skin begins to heals itself by producing collagen. Because the epidermis and dermis layers do in fact remain intact throughout the skin needling process, the collagen produced in response to the micro needles, simply aids the thickening of the dermis layer of skin. By increasing this thickness, the stretchmarks firstly fade away, and eventually can disappear altogether.

Get Rid of stretch Marks

Effectiveness At Removing Stretch Marks

Derma rollers provide a very good stretch mark cure indeed. Regardless of the age, area or cause of the striae, these devices work effectively to get your skin looking great. Dermaroller Planet is pleased to be able to offer a full money back guarantee should you not see a significant improvement in your stretchmarks after using any of our dermarollers.

Furthermore, we encourage you, after treatment, to send in your photos of success to share and encourage other sufferers of stretch marks. We are delighted whenever we hear feedback to how we have helped get anyone to get rid of stretch marks.

Your Very Own Stretch Mark Remedy

What the Imagine then, a treatment stretch mark removal system which works in the privacy of your own home. Effects are permanent and the whole process is a lot less expensive than alternative clinical methods. Follow the “We Recommend” button to view and buy a dermaroller which we feel are the best at stretch marks removal.

Our recommendations are based on the feedback of you and the thousands of other dermaroller users all over the world. Remember that we guarantee success and we promise to give you your money back if, by using one of our dermarollers, you fail to get rid of stretch marks.


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