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Because scars can appear all over the body, it is difficult to state exactly which needle lengths is most suitable. Taking into account the basic rule being that the thicker the area of skin, the longer the needle can be – treating scars on the face should be done with a a short needle such as a 0.5mm and scar removal on the body can be done with a 1.0 or 1.5mm, depending on the location.

If you area unsure at any time, you can contact us at any time on If new to dermarolling, it is prudent to be cautious when choosing which dermaroller needle length to go for.

Treating Scars – Key Points

  • Significantly reduces the appearance of scars
  • It is recommended that you apply a vitamin enriched moisturiser (or similar) after each use.
  • By rolling just 5 days a week, you will see a noticeable difference within a month
  • Do not use on Keloid or Hypertrophic scars. If in doubt, please ask.

Available Brands and Offers

We are constantly adding to our dermaroller range. The link below will take you to our dermaroller shop where you can browse all the dermarollers we have on offer.

When choosing a derma roller brand for scar treatments, it is worth considering how deep the scar is and where its location is. Deep scars will require significantly more treatments than light scars. The strength of the needles will be important as it will need to last a long time. If the scar is on the face, you should opt for a quality dermaroller which will have narrow high quality needles which will cause minimal discomfort on such a sensitive area.

Contact us at any time if you need any support or help.


Worldwide delivery is included as standard. All orders receive are sent registered/recorded delivery free of charge. We ship as soon as possible after receiving your order. We can cater for any delivery requests you may have. Please contact us if there is anything we can help you with.

How to Order

The link below will take you to Ultramod Dermaroller Planet is part of the Ultramod Group. This advanced shopping cart will allow you to compare brands more easily, buy dermarollers in the currency of your choice using paypal.

We have introduced this site as part of our continual improvement program. The team behind each is the same – this means you can enjoy the same high level of service, excellent delivery terms, guarantees and excellent customer support from both sites.

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