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Question: I am going on holiday in a few months and I am wondering when I should stop using my dermaroller to avoid the heightened risk of sun exposure damage.

This is an important question as we become more and more aware of the dangers of not protecting ourselves against the harmful UV rays of the sun. Please always use your dermaroller safely and with care. Thank you, Patrik from Sweden, for asking this question

Dermaroller Use

There are two answers to this question, depending on how you choose to use your dermaroller. Those who dermaroll lightly on a daily basis, shouldn’t need to worry too much about additional sun exposure damage under normal weather conditions.  That is not to say that no protection is required – always use sunscreen, even in northern European climates.

If you are going on holiday where the sun is expected to be much stronger than you are used to, refrain from using your dermaroller for at least 24 hours before leaving. This should give you skin enough time to  recuperate to it’s normal level resistance. It may also be prudent to increase you SPF factor a little – we always would recommend approaching things from the side of caution and this 24 hour period should be seen as an absolute minimum.

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If you opt to use your dermaroller based on the professional approach of numbing agents and a more vigorous use of the dermaroller or you choose our trained beauticians services, your skin will be much more susceptible to skin damage. In this instance always use sunscreen regardless of the weather outside. If you are going to, or live in, a  particularly hot climate,  we do not recommend dermaroller treatments for at least 48 hours before any sun exposure.

Again, these are absolute minimums. Please take care whenever you expose your skin to the sun. Not only can you burn, but you also run the risk of promoting the development of serious skin problems (including cancer) by not taking sun exposure seriously. Furthermore, the sun ages the skin and will counteract all the good work of using the dermaroller in the first place!

Remember too that even in cloudy conditions you can burn. In fact, it is in these types of scenarios where the air temperature feels cooler by comparison that serious sunburn can occur.

Answer: At least 24-48 hours but we recommend at least a week abstinence before going on holiday. This way, not only will your skin be fully prepared for sunny conditions, but your skin should then also be looking as good as possible as it continues to form collagen, heal and repair continually even after you stop dermarolling.


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