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Posted on 3rd April 2009 by admin

Demarollers are still rather unknown across most of Europe and the USA. Although gaining popularity quickly, there are very few instances where these products have been shown on mainstream media. This is quickly changing as the results of micro-needling become more well known.

We have put together a three videos here, which we hope will give you more confidence in the fact that using a dermaroller really will make a huge difference to the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles stretch marks and other skin related issues. We have a television review, professional opinion, and footage of professional application of the dermaroller.

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Dermaroller Review on Rachel Ray Show

Now you may have never seen orĀ  even heard of the American television presenter, Rachel Ray, but this video taken from her show is worth watching. The five minute segment include a very concise trial of the dermaroller system and you will see from it how it can be used as part of a daily at home skin care regime. The trialist, Maureen, has opted to simply roll her face before applying a quality moisterizer rather than use numbing gels and vigorous rolling.

Dr Schwarz Video

This far more down to earth video includes scientific comment at a time when far less was understood about the skin needling process. Although perhaps not the most entertaining segment of film, it does clearly state that use of dermarollers does significantly improve the levels of colagen formed in are where the dermaroller treatment has been applied. You will also see it referred to in the more technical terms of collagen induction therapy – CIT.

A Professionaly Applied Dermaroller Treatment

Although the vast majority of users will never undergo such rigourous dermarolling treatment, it is perhaps useful to see how it is applied in beauty clinics. If you wish to have a dermaroller treatment applied professionally in this way, Ro Freestone, our dedicated beauty therapist does offer these micro-needling treatment (as well as a whole host of other beauty and cosmetic procedures). You will notice that this video has been produced using the Dr Roller Brand Dermaroller.

Additional Videos

As with all aspects of Dermaroller Planet, if you have seen a video or any other information you think other users would like, please let us know and we will share this also. The process of dermarolling does not have to be complicated. Just a few strokes each day whilst keeping your skin nourished will make huge differences to the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and will also work excellently on other areas of lasting damage such as scars, stretch marks and acne scars.

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