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Posted on 4th March 2009 by admin

Dermarollers work on so many common skin issues because they effectively tackle the root cause of the problem- a lack of collagen in the skin. Young and healthy skin is invariably free of any blemishes, wrinkles or marks.  Because the Dermaroller works to increase collagen levels it effectively helps your body creates new, young and perfect looking skin without damage and without unnecessary and expensive treatments.

Add to this the massive boost to topically applied products after using a dermaroller and the range and success of  dermaroller treatments can be extended to those relying on third party products such as hair loss and cellulite removal.

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Easy Derma Roller Treatments

All Derma Roller treatments can be done at home without fuss and as part of a simple daily beauty regime. Results should show within a month of first using the product and from the feedback we receive, it is often within the very first week that the first signs of improvements show. We also offer dermaroller treatments which can be carried out professionally in your own home. Our very own trained beauty therapist will visit you and deliver a clinical standard dermaroller treatment using the very best dermaroller products available. Please contact us if you are interested in this service.

By following the links below, you can learn more about all of the dermaroller treatments available as well be directed to the products suitable for your needs. Also note that we do offer a free needle advice service after you have placed your order to ensure that you are getting the correct product for your individual case.

Derma Roller

Stretch Marks

Stretch marks occur when the skin tears during rapid periods of growth. Stretch mark removal is the number one reason for buying a dermaroller. Results are quick to show and because stretch marks tend to appear in fleshy areas of the body, they are a very simple issue to treat. Thousands of people have already benefited from the very simple process and the results that you will achieve are permanent.


Acne Scars and Pitted Scars

Acne scars have formed when the skin surface has been broken during severe acne outbreaks. Similar in appearance to pitted scars they create a dimpled effect, usually found on the face. Gentle use of the dermaroller effectively treats acne scars and pitted scars to leave your skin looking even and healthy. Whilst care needs to be taken over which needle length to choose, effective acne scar treatments leave your skin looking incredible.


Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Demarollers are fantastic as an anti aging product in their own right but work even more effectively in conjunction with anti wrinkle creams, moisturisers and other similar anti aging products. Working on even the smallest of wrinkles, this device will roll back the years from the very first use. You can also see a dermaroller video review of them being used as an anti aging treatment, featured on the U.S Rachel Ray show.

Anti Aging, Wrinkles and Fine Lines

Scar Reduction

Treating scars with a dermaroller can see a huge improvement in the skin surface, regardless of the size or age of the scar. Whilst complete scar removal on deep scars is unlikely, their appearance will certainly by improved massively. If used in conjunction with other scar removal treatments involving creams or serums, you will see a massive boost to these products effectiveness.

Dermarollers for Scarsd

Hair Loss Treatment

The dermaroller itself cannot turn back the clock on hair loss or give you a full head of hair. What it does do is give the opportunity for specialist hair restoration products (such as regaine or minoxil) to work far more effectively. We are not hair experts and we cannot say with confidence whether these products work or not. What we can say with confidence that skin needling will undoubtedly make these products work much more effectively than if they were used in isolation.


We are currently testing out several products to see if they do work in conjunction with a dermaroller and once these are concluded we shall share our results. If you do use an cellulite reduction product that you believe works, please let us know. We do not wish to make claims that cannot be fully backed up without medical, customer and first hand experience.

Supporting You and Your Derma Roller Treatment

We are committed to helping you make the most of your dermaroller treatment after buying from Dermaroller Planet. Any questions that you have once you start using your dermaroller can be send to and our own beauty therapist / registered nurse will help you make the most of your roller for your specific needs. All our customers are entitled to this help and support as we want you to take maximum benefit from your dermaroller treatment.


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