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Acne scar treatment by the Dermaroller is a painless, inexpensive method to reduce or even completely remove any trace of acne scars. The whole micro needling process is the most efficient way of achieving excellent results from the comfort of home. Whilst our main aim at dermaroller planet is to bring you the widest range of dermarollers possible, we also attempt to explain how acne scars are created, before showing how the dermaroller can help to get rid of them.

Causes of Acne Scars

The cause of acne scars differs from one person to the next. The occurrence of scarring however, is still not fully understood and the exact reasons can be based on several factors.  When an acne outbreak occurs, it is a result of the bodies natural defences, begining with the counter action to the raised levels of sebum which is being created by the skin. Sebum, in simple terms is the oily substance which most people have on their skin, but is most prominent in adolescents and those susceptible to acne outbreaks.

Whilst our body’s reaction to an outbreak ensures the skin has a reduced likelihood of infection as well as maintaining the integrity of the skins surface, (although through raised “spots”) acne scarring can still occur. Within the acne outbreak, the skin is undergoing considerable localised trauma, and whilst our defences keep our skin in healthy working order, it often fails to protect to a perfect cosmetic finish. It is a return to great looking skin which is the purpose of the dermaroller.

Types Acne Scar

There are two broad types of acne scar. The Dermaroller is suitable for only one of these types, so it is important that you understand which type of acne scar it is you have.
To avoid the complicating matters, if your scars are raised prominently above the skin, then using a Dermaroller is NOT recommended. These scars are called Keloid or Hypertrophic scars.
If you acne scars are depressed or flat, in the same way chicken pox scars appear, then these are atrophic scars and are simply treated using the Dermaroller. These types of scar are much more common and there are several variations.

  • Atrophic Macules – This variation of scar tends to be flat, soft with a bluish white colour. These are the least noticeable type of scar.
  • Depressed fibrotic Scars – Depressed fibrotic scars. These are large scars which create deep valleys on the surface of the skin. They tend to have an irregular shape. They can be the result of ice pick scars developing in fibrotic scars.
  • Follicular Macular Atrophy / Perifollicular Elastolysis – These acne scars are small, soft and by and large, appear as white heads. Usually, they affect the back  or chest of an individual.
  • Ice-pick Scars -These scars begin fairly small in size although they do contain steep sides. They may be deep or very superficial. The harder the scar is to touch, the greater the likelihood the scar will deepen.
  • Soft scars – These are small depressions in the skin which tend to blend into the surrounding skin tissue.
  • Soft scars – These are gentle, scar-like depressions in the skin. They are usually small, and either circular or linear.

Acne Scar Removal

So how is it then that the Dermaroller helps in getting rid of acne scars? Like many skin blemishes, acne scarring is the result of a lack of collagen within the skin. By encouraging the formation of collagen, the acne scar will begin to fade as the skin thickens and returns its former state. Although you may wish to learn more about the skin needling process, the general idea is that using a Dermaroller makes your skin produce the elements it lacks : The cause of the scar in the first instance.

Dermarollers for Acne Scars

We have seen people from all over the world benefit from using a Dermaroller for their acne scars treatment. We invite you to discuss with other visitors to Dermaroller Planet your thoughts, experiences and questions about acne scar reduction using micro-needling on our acne scars feedback page. This feedback, discussion and support, over time, should provide a good overview of which roller is best for your particular concern. You may also contact us directly on for support from our service team.

Recommended Derma Roller.

You may wish to see which Dermaroller it is we recommend for acne scarring. These recommendations do not specify a particular brand, simply a suitable needle length for typical acne scarring. You can see a full description of each Dermaroller on the relevant Dermaroller Brands page. You may however wish for professional treatment from our registered nurse. She will travel to see you in your home, to provide a clinical standard derma roller session using her years of experience in the field of derma rolling and beauty consultancy.


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