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There are lot’s of different types of skin needling devices on the market these days. Since their introduction to Europe and North America a few years ago, they have become hugely popular. It is unsurprising considering how simple and how effective skin needling (also refereed to as micro needling or derma rolling) actually is.

For those who have never come across this process before, there is a wealth of information available from several sources on the web. As a brief overview though, skin needling is a process of collagen induction therapy. Whilst this sounds complicated, it boils down to encouraging the natural reproduction of collagen in the skin.

The same way all people are capable of healing themselves after cutting or grazing their skin, skin needling takes this same principle and causes natural healing in areas which have been affected by everyday skin issues.

MNS Micro Needling System

What Skin Needling Does

This means that skin needling is probably the best way to get rid of stretch marks permanently. Improvements to these types of complaint are remarkable and within a very short space of time too. Other key treatments include the greatly reducing the look and appearance of scars, including acne scars.

As a final general area of suitability, skin needling is the simplest, most cost effective way of reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines around the eyes and face. So where does the MNS roller fit into all of this?

The MNS Skin Roller

As previously stated, there are now plenty of skin needling devices on the market. The MNS Roller (Micro Needling System) is just one of these products. Manufactured to a high standard, the system is becoming one of the favoured brands on the market for several reasons.

Firstly one of the features which most users are looking for is their rollers to come pre-sterilized. The MNS is sealed in sterile manner before being packaged which gives users the chance to get straight into their treatments. It also means that the MNS roller is ideal for professionals and commercial salons which may not wish to go through the process of sterilisation of the roller themselves.

Review of MNS skin roller

Other MNS Benefits

As second general feature of the MNS roller is its high build quality. A solid construction is backed up with an excellent standard of needle and secure packaging ideal for transportation or storage of the device. Many cheaper rollers do not come anywhere near the MNS in terms of it’s overall good quality and durability.

Finally, despite being of superior quality, the price of the MNS is generally much below that of other premium skin needling devices. It is possible to pick up this particular brand very cheaply, particularly from one of the skin needling supermarkets which are showing up on the web. These supermarkets are also a great place to compare the differences between skin rollers too.

Article by Alex Mason


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