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Posted on 10th February 2009 by admin

Dermaroller Planet  Welcomes You!

Thank you for visiting Dermaroller Planet, your best source of skin needling information on the web. For those that are new to derma rolling, we provide simple and straightforward advice on one of the most effective and best value for money treatments available today. For experienced users, we provide the widest range of dermarolling solutions to help you find the right product for your specific needs.

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 Dermaroller Planet is a free information service provided by the Ultramod Group for new and existing customers. Whilst we provide all the info you could possible need here in the site, to buy your dermaroller online, please visit the Ultramod Shop where you are able to browse all the brands and complimentary products you need for the best home based skin needling experience.

Derma rollers

We welcome and encourage feedback from all our customers so that other users can benefit from their experiences. To start you may want to read the Frequently Asked Questions or for those who prefer plain speaking, the I’d never heard of dermarollers before post is also a good place to start.

What Are Dermarollers

Dermarolling is also known as micro-needling, skin rolling or collagen induction therapy (CIT). Derma Rollers are made of many high grade micro needles which roll over and penetrate the skins upper surface painlessly. These revolutionary devices provide two major benefits.

Firstly, they stimulate collagen growth which significantly improves the appearance of scars, fine lines, wrinkles, stretch mark, and acne scars.

Secondly, they allow the transdermal application of creams, gels and oils, to be absorbed far more effectively – boosting their effectiveness massively. This is relevant to hair loss treatments as well as cellulite reduction. Our How Dermarollers Work page should give you a greater understanding of just how these simple and fantastic devices can benefit you.

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Dermaroller Treatments

Dermarollers can be used to treat many skin related issues. The one thing which most of them have in common, is a lack of collagen in the skin. By boosting collagen levels, the dermaroller is able to assist in:

It can also help products applied to the skin by allowing the active ingredients to penetrate the upper layers of the dermis. This means that the dermaroller can also assist with:

  • Hair Loss Therapy
  • Cellulite Reduction

The results can be amazing and show after just a few dermaroller treatments.

Why Choose Dermaroller Planet

We aim to be unique on the web, providing the best range of derma rollers, for those with different needs and different budgets. Skin needling is such a great process that we feel that everyone should get to here about just how simple and wonderful using a dermaroller can be. We show you how they work as well as how to use them. Support is unmatched with trained registered nurses providing dermaroller tips, experienced users sharing their opinions and a team which offers real person contact should you have any problems or concerns.


Our Promises

  • We never share your details with any third parties
  • We will offer help and support in buying the right dermaroller for your needs
  • We will provide help and support in getting the best results once you have begun using your dermaroller
  • Our checkout process is safe, secure and offers excellent customer security
  • We never make false claims about our products and their capabilities
  • You can contact us at any time with any concern – personal mobile phones numbers are provided in the contact us section!

We  give honest feedback and advice – we make no false promises and we never utilise “sales tactics”. Our payment process is quick and secure and we respect the privacy of your personal information. We continually try to keep our prices down and we are dedicated to supporting you and offer friendly practical advice. If there is any more we can do, contact us at any time and we will try and help. Our about us page give a little more background on who we are and what we aim to do.

We ship on the same day you order (Monday to Friday) and we are always available to speak to. If there are any reasons for not choosing dermaroller planet – please let us know! We’re here to help you and we appreciate and thank you for your custom.

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Exploring Dermaroller Planet

You can browse for the right dermaroller product for you by brand or by treatment type. All our dermaroller types are intended to offer you genuine choice between price, flexibility and quality. The left hand column gives access to information on dermaroller treatments, dermaroller brands and also contains your shopping cart.

If you have any questions you may browse the FAQ or simply email us at and one of the team will answeryou queries as soon as possible. Details of the team can be seen on our about us page.

Share Dermaroller Planet With The Worlddr-roller-with-blury-handle.png

At the bottom of most pages are bookmarking links which give others a chance to find out about By using these or just by spreading the word, you will help us continue to provide  the best place to shop for dermarollers and get support.

You are our customers, we thank you for visiting the site and we want to provide everything that you need for great dermarolling results. We hope by treating our customers well, they will help us grow and provide support for others.

If you feel that any improvements need to be made, please let us know on the contact us page.  As we grow, additional derma rollers will be added to our products page – if you have a particular dermaroller that you wish us to stock, please ask.

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Give Feedback

One of our aims is to provide you with the opportunity to give honest, no nonsense reviews of all the dermarollers we sell. By sharing our collective experiences, you will be able to buy your dermaroller in confidence.  Please share with us any before and after photos, written feedback, or even video feedback. If we use your photos or video, we will send you a dermaroller free of charge just to say thank you.

Don’t be afraid to provide negative feedback either. We are dedicated to providing an honest and open place for every visitor to benefit from genuine advice. We are not here just to sell dermarollers, but to provide the platform for genuine comparison of quality, cost and effectiveness.

Happy Rolling!

The Dermaroller Planet Team.


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